Prolapse Exercises BookOnline marketing consultants deal with computers, web sites and technology and the work can sometimes be frustrating, but we get to make a positive impact on our clients’ business and life and sometimes, they even take the time to write about it.

When I read the message below, I had to hold back tears, both from the sense of frustration in my client’s journey before she started to work with me and from happiness at having made such a difference. I’m very proud to post it here for everyone to see.

The message is from Michelle Kenway, who dedicates her life to helping women (and men) strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Her clients have an embarrassing problem, which she solves through physical therapy, e-books and DVDs sold on her site, Pelvic Exercises.

When I started working on the site, the shopping cart did not work properly, the site was statically designed and Michelle was frustrated from trying to find someone to help her get sales from very healthy traffic. Here is what she wrote after 1 month:

Gal I have been wanting to tell you the following but I am so mindful of interrupting you when you are so busy, I will be brief.

To be honest I have been busting myself online for the last 4 years. I was asked to write my first book by the publisher who then passed away unexpectedly about 2 mths after publishing. I was thrown into having to promote the book myself and that’s how the site started. During this time I have lost my mum and my dad – I just tried to keep things going with the aim of getting this info out to help women, usually with mediocre response from women and minimal financial reward – it was never about that from the start for me however it is nice to receive some reward for hard work. Late last year I was seriously wondering if it was all worth it. As you know I tried to access help for the site but no one really bothered to help me out – it was all about their time and the dollar.

Since you have looked at things and sorted out issues the site has gone from strength to strength. I am getting so much satisfaction from the fact I am finally getting much needed health info to women, the number of emails I am receiving from ladies around the world who don’t have access to pelvic floor physio is just amazing. I put out my newsletter this week and the orders for my new book went crazy. This month I can actually say I have made an income for the 40 hours work I have put in.

So I just want to say thank you for making this possible, for going above and beyond, for working with commitment and precision, you have made it possible for me to continue with this, help many and have time to be here for my beautiful children too. If you ever need an advocate/testimonial/more work I am here to promote you.

Best wishes to you Gal, and thank you

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