“The best way to get business online: hire a great online marketing consultant

Gal Baras - online marketing consulting
  • Online marketing requires technical knowledge
  • The technology keeps changing
  • Online marketing requires business experience
  • It’s hard to see the potential from within your business
  • Online marketing requires time and patience
  • It takes you away from your core business

That’s why most business owners fail to do it themselves.

So save your energy for what you do best, choose someone who already gets results, and
Get Business Online

One of the things many people don’t know about the Internet is that it’s not all about web sites. Very often, my clients start by asking “So, how much for a website?” They think that once they have a website up and running, their business will boom all of a sudden. They think that by being present on the Internet, their clients will find them right away and immediately start buying from them.

Happy Clients Agree

When I decided to take my business online, I had no idea where to start. Gal spent time and effort really getting to know what clients I was looking for, how I was selling to them over the phone and in-person and what I was offering them.

My website started delivering business as soon as it was launched and people commented it was very easy to use. I was getting detailed inquiries and making sales, so I was happy.

Within a few months, the website made it to the top of the Google Search results and since then, I have been getting all my business traffic for free, but more importantly, making a serious profit.

– Avi Meirovitz, Plastic2go

Well, as vital and central as a web site is in setting up online marketing, there are MANY things to take into consideration before putting one up. There are also many things a business can do online, which have little or nothing to do with their web site – email marketing, article submission and more.

So typically, I walk my clients over the wide range of things that can be done and how I will get the fastest and biggest business results out of their Internet marketing investment, and I see their understanding and appreciation growing and growing, until they are ready to begin. Then I ask them, “Would you like a web site with that?” and they laugh, because by then, they know what I mean.
If you are a business owner looking to succeed online

  • Revisit your business plan. Any marketing investment, online or otherwise, must serve the business and bring measurable outcomes – extended reach into a market, more leads, more sales, higher profits, diversification or whatever you want for your business.
  • Decide how much you are willing to spend in order to start. On the Internet, you can start fairly small and leverage your new income stream to make more money online. The initial effort typically includes setting up a web site and doing some initial promotion, so set aside some funds upfront, and then decide how much you are willing to spend monthly over the first year of your Internet marketing campaign.
  • Find out more about me and how I work. Here are some Internet marketing articles I’ve posted. Read them to get an idea of what’s involved in Internet marketing and how I prefer to work, as well as the results you can get by working with me (more here).
  • Choose the Internet Marketing Service that best suits your business needs, whether you are just considering putting your business online or want to boost the profits of your existing website.
  • When you’re ready to go, let’s shake hands and get down to business.

Get Business Online