It’s show (off) time. I haven’t been posting too often because I’ve been busy getting results for my clients, which is as it should be, right? But I can’t just not tell you how well you could be doing right now in your Search Engine Rankings, so here goes (you can click on each link to run the Google search yourself:

  1. crates – is #1 – this website receives well over 100 significant inquiries every month
    Plastic2go on Google
  2. plastic crates – is #1
  3. plastic pallets – is #2
  4. bulk containers – is #2
  5. life coaching – is #4 & #7 – very tough keyword phrase (others are Wikipedia and large coaching schools)!
  6. life coach – is #9 – very tough keyword phrase (all others are large coaching schools)!
  7. parenting classes – is #2
  8. organic gold coast – is #9 (and listed in business results in #1C)
  9. african connection – is #1 out of over 36 Million results and against YouTube videos!
  10. family matters – is #6, ahead of!
  11. middle eastern music melbourne – is #1

Is this good or what?! I’m so proud of myself I’m going to explode.

Of course, the best part is that from all these search engine rankings ranking comes traffic and from all the traffic come leads and sales. Another good part is that this is all free search. There is no cost involved here whatsoever. I did my online market research, I did my magic with the sites, I did my magic in other places and voilà!

Business from the Internet is not far away. Inquire here.

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