Alan Kogosowski's Website

Alan Kogosowski is a gifted pianist. He had concert recordings featuring his unique talent and e-books about how to play the piano and avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI).

What he needed was a website that would deliver his brand to the world and make it easy for people from around the world to book him for performances and buy his products.

So I built a WordPress site for him with a classic atmosphere, a sharp focus on him, clear messages, a shopping cart, a blog and a responsive design that works on tablets and mobiles.

Here is what Alan wrote about working together and about his new website:

It’s so refreshing to find someone who understands everything and to whom one doesn’t have to explain everything again and again (and they are never able to do anything constructive because their understanding is only ever skin deep, even though they nod and smile enthusiastically).

And I am thrilled with my new website – which is starting to bring in buyers for my books; that had almost dried up in the past few months, but now there is a new order every other day. Very pleasing.