Plastic2go - Pallets, crates, bulk containers

Within 6 months of launching this website, inquiries for plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers were strong and steady. While I initially used paid ads to attract targeted traffic, I gradually cut back until I turned off the AdWords campaign completely.

Plastic2go – plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers now receives only free search traffic and site referrals, being #1 or #2 in Google Search for every one of its keyword phrases. Even the images from Plastic2go feature highly on Google Image Search for the relevant searches, which means more free traffic.

Despite being a country-specific website, Plastic2go receives inquiries from outside Australia, simply due to its outstanding search performance.

In 2012, the site was restyled to be responsive, i.e. to adapt its display by the screen size and accommodate touch and mobile devices.

In 2014, it was converted into an ultra-modern WordPress site, based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and the inquiry interface was changed to be like a shopping-cart. This change also introduced a blog section to the site, where posts are now published about topics related to plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers.