Client websites

  • Alan Kogosowski's Website

    Alan Kogosowski

    Alan Kogosowski is a gifted pianist. He had concert recordings featuring his unique talent and e-books about how to play the piano and avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI). What he needed was a website that would deliver his brand to the world and make it easy for people from around the world to book him for performances […]

  • Family Matters Website

    Family Matters – parenting blog

    This website has received a steadily increasing flow of visitors who come to read the daily parenting posts, subscribe and participate in discussions. Based on WordPress, Family Matters makes posting content easy, allowing for more than one author to contribute and for many people to post comments every day. The online marketing of this blog […]

  • Be Happy in LIFE Website

    Be Happy in LIFE Coaching

    This website has been redone 4 times based on its results and feedback from visitors who became clients. The online marketing included a combination of paid ad campaigns, search engine optimization and blog referrals. At the time of writing, it is one of the highest ranking websites for the very competitive phrases “life coach” and […]

  • Plastic2go Website

    Plastic2go – plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers

    Within 6 months of launching this website, inquiries for plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers were strong and steady. While I initially used paid ads to attract targeted traffic, I gradually cut back until I turned off the AdWords campaign completely. Plastic2go – plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers now receives only free search traffic […]